CHICK BILL 1963 - 1964 GREG

May 21, 2019

Chick Bill 1963 - 1964 por  GREG

Titulo del libro: Chick Bill 1963 - 1964

Autor: GREG


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Chick Bill becomes outlaw, Kid Ordinn runs out of Sheriff"s Assistant contract and decides to become a cattleman, and Little Poodle inherits a lot of coveted terrain, in the three stories that make up this integral. Laughter and entertainment in abundance, with the usual extras and recovery for these integrals of the first fourteen pages of The Sixth Outlaw, unpublished in book since its first publication in 1963. The Wild West from another perspective, the one of humor, of the hand Of two great classics of the Franco-Belgian comic strip, Tibet and Greg. The Adventures of Chick Bill, the young Indian Poodle, the always moody sheriff Dog Bull and his assistant Kid Ordinn in an edition of chronological integrals full of extras.